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a texture pack for Minecraft Bedrock

by CyberMarlin Studios

Made for Minecraft 1.14 - Become a ninja and roam

the land, defending yourself against evil creatures!

Transform your world with this glorious texture pack - ninjas, samurais, ducks...oh, and giant dragonflies!


- Ninja/samurai themed texture pack

- Detailed comic/animation style textures (128x & 64x) 

- Full conversion of original textures

- Beautiful & varied biomes 

Hattori’s Heroes  check out the new skinpack for Hattoricraft HERE.




If you’re seeing light gray birch leaves instead of pink blossom leaves, you’ll have to turn fancy

leaves or fancy graphic on (under settings / video). 


Please launch the Minecraft app and try this:

1. Go to settings in the main menu

2. Go to video

3. Turn fancy leaves or fancy graphic on(if you don’t have fancy leaves)

4. You can now load a world with cherry blossom leaves

5. Note: this does not work in-game, you have to be in the main menu

This happens with Hattoricraft v1.15 and is fixed with the latest update Hattoricraft v1.15.1.


If you’re experiencing crashes during world loading or stuttering, you probably don’t have enough RAM to use the 128x version of the pack. So you will need to load the 64x version.

Please launch the Minecraft app and try this:

1. Have the vanilla textures loaded

2. Go to settings, then Global Resources

3. Select Hattoricraft

4. When it's in active packs, click on Hattoricraft and select the double wrench symbol

5. Move the slider to the left (64x)

6. Go out of settings (The title should now be Hattoricraft 64x)


If you’re seeing black and pink textures, this means the game can’t find that texture. This is due to a bad download. The solution is to delete the texture pack from your storage (under settings) and then redownload it from the store.

Please launch the Minecraft app and try this:

1. Go to settings

2. Go to Storage

3. Select Resource Packs

4. Select Hattoricraft -> then press the trash can

5. Redownload Hattoricraft from the Marketplace


If you want to give feedback, please use the CONTACT FORM.
(make sure to use a valid email)




Keep up to date on what is happening with Hattoricraft!

Changes and Updates are listed here!


Or check out Hattoricraft on Twitter or Discord



Contact the creator for any questions or comments via the online contact form.


By downloading Hattoricraft you agree to the following terms and conditions:

- Hattoricraft is downloadable only if you use the official links available on this page.

- Hattoricraft reserves the right to update the Terms of Use at any time without notice to you.


By using Hattoricraft, you ARE NOT authorized to:

- Remix any of the Hattoricraft texture packs.

- Modify, copy, host, mirror, distribute, publish, license or edit the files contained in Hattoricraft texture packs.

- Make any claims on files contained in Hattoricraft texture packs.

- Upload any Hattoricraft texture packs in public in any way (third party servers,…).

- Use any files contained in Hattoricraft texture packs for profit.

As a user of Hattoricraft texture packs, you ARE authorized to:

- Take screenshots and/or create videos and upload to any websites as long as a link to this website is added.

- Stream content using Hattoricraft texture packs as long as a link to this website is added.

If you do not agree with one or more of the above terms, do not download and/or use Hattoricraft texture packs. 

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